Brief History

The Blackstone Area Bus System (BABS) began operations in 2003 within the Town of Blackstone. At the time, public transportation services were only located within the town limits of Blackstone and did not exist in the surrounding areas. Over the following years a number of new transit systems arose within the surrounding area many of which were operated by their home regions. Within this time more and more people began to take advantage of the many benefits of public transportation.

In 2007, with the continuing growth and success, BABS began planning for the construction of a central location and base of operations as it quickly expanded. By this time, several neighboring routes had been incorporated in the management of BABS. These greatly expanded the coverage area of BABS within Southside Virginia driving the need for this new facility even higher. This expansion centralized public transportation within Southside Virginia to the Town of Blackstone which became a hub for many communities.

In 2008 a new central location was constructed allowing for a base of operations and a maintenance facility capable of overseeing and administering the everyday operations of BABS and its growing fleet.

Since 2003, BABS has overseen the creation or annexation of six (6) public transportation routes resulting in the management of seven (7) routes total. These routes now service the towns of Crewe, Burkeville, Kenbridge, Victoria, Alberta, and McKenney as well as the Counties of Nottoway, Lunenburg, Brunswick, Prince Edward, Amelia, Buckingham, Cumberland, and Dinwiddie. There are also several route expansions and the creation of a new route being planned or underway.

As BABS continues to grow and expand, we are committed to ensuring the goal and mission of providing safe, affordable, and reliable public transportation to our existing services and all future services across Southside Virginia. Thank you for Choosing BABS!

Bus Fleet & Facilities

Our Team

Joshua Worrell

Transit Director

The transit director is responsible for overseeing and managing the everyday operations of BABS. As the chief administrative officer, the transit director ensures that the vision and mission of BABS are made a reality with aid from local partners and stakeholders. Mr. Worrell has served as the transit director since March of 2017.

Christie Carmichael

Operations Assistant

The operations assistant is responsible for administering the everyday operations of BABS. Along with assistance from the assistant to the transit director, the operations assistant serves as the primary point of contact between BABS and the public. In addition to this, the operations assistant serves as the office manager of BABS.

Janet Matthews

Assistant to the Transit Director

The assistant to the transit director is responsible for assisting in the management and administration of the everyday operations of BABS. In addition to this, the assistant to the transit director acts as the liaison between the transit director and the public. Janet Matthews has served as the assistant to the transit director since August of 2017.



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